Clean booth for Medical “Barrier flow”

This product is a booth which doctors and patients reduce the risk of inflection of new viruses through airborne droplets.

Doctors who are diagnosed at close range to a patient are in a situation where they are likely to be exposed to coughing and sneezing droplets, placing them at a very high risk of infection.

This booth provides an environment in which the diagnosing physician can conduct a diagnosis with peace of mind.


Swirling induction type HVAC system, SWIT

SWIT® is an air conditioning system from Takasago Thermal Engineering that features advanced replacement ventilation technology.

SWIT induces ambient air by swirling the air flow, enabling it to operate with low air volume and a blowing temperature close to the work area/residential area, thus making it possible to maintain comfortable environment while saving energy and cost. (Patent Nos. 4006196 and 4421347)





Comfortable air conditioning for residential areas and excellent ventilation efficiency

Compact air outlet


Application to clean rooms (TCR-SWIT®)

TCR-SWIT® is a next-generation clean room technology that maintains the indoor environment of large-scale clean rooms and saves energy, which was difficult until now.

With excellent ventilation efficiency, the system maintains the thermal environment and cleanliness with less air volume, and reduces transport power. In addition, the cold water temperature can be set to a high temperature, improving the efficiency of the heat source equipment. As a result, annual energy consumption is reduced.